December 3, 2021

Rashid Semsedinović - "Rale" (Belgrade, January 11, 1941 - Belgrade, November 14, 2021) was a Yugoslav and Serbian ice hockey player who played as a goalkeeper. He spent his entire playing career, which lasted continuously from 1957 to 1988, in the Yugoslav league in the jersey of HK Avala Belgrade, OHK Belgrade Belgrade, HK Partizan Belgrade, HK Crvena Zvezda Belgrade, HK Vojvodina Novi Sad. With 335 matches played in the domestic championship and 53 for the Yugoslav national team. He played for the senior national team of Yugoslavia at: 1964 Winter Olympics Innsbruck, Austria 1965 World Cup Tampere, Finland 1966 World Cup Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1974 World Cup Ljubljana, Yugoslavia Evaluating the 1969/70 championship game. Rale took the first place among the goalkeepers in the ideal team of the championship. Rale played at the age of 32, and when he "hung skates on a peg", he was 48 years old and thus became our Stanley Matthews. At the end of his playing career, he dedicated himself to coaching, where he also had success. He trained: Partizan (Belgrade) Vojvodina (Novi Sad) Spartaka (Subotica) Tash (Belgrade) The national team of Yugoslavia The Serbian national hockey team was named the most successful coach by the Association of Hockey Coaches in the 1997/98 seasons. and 2003/04. Rale was a great athlete. He played football in Palilulac, has a coaching license from the Football Association of Serbia, and was an excellent table tennis player and volleyball player. The Semsedinović family is a sports family. Ralet's brother Shems - Buca was also a hockey player, he was considered the player with the strongest shot. The tradition was continued by his son Boris, who played fullback and played for U18, U20 and the senior national ice hockey team. The grandchildren of Alex and Costa have grown up and, having "betrayed" their grandfather, they chose another sport, water polo. Rashid Semsedinović also says how much reputation he enjoyed, as a man and a player, that the Belgrade SOFKA gave him an apartment in New Belgrade, and that he is the only hockey player to whom that part belonged.

Toy career

The development path started from HK Avala from Belgrade in 1957, when he was sixteen years old. And if he was a good skater, he stood between the tripods. That was the other part of Partizan, and they had the same coach, who coached both Partizan and Avala. HK Avala competed in the second league. When Ava

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