August 11, 2022

Wrestling in the narrower sense means the name for a sports fight between two competitors with the aim of knocking down the opponent with the help of hand grips and muscle power in general, without hitting. Wrestling is one of the oldest and most popular sports. From the year 708 BC. n. e. it became part of the ancient Olympic Games. The ancient Greeks created a special discipline called pankration by fusing wrestling and boxing. The International World Federation was founded in 1912, and has 176 members (2019).

Wrestling styles and variations

As a traditional sport, wrestling has evolved, so that today we have a large number of styles and rules, from sumo wrestling, judo, to different varieties of freestyle. Wrestling is often used in military training as well. hand-to-hand combat. All styles have in common that it is forbidden to hit the opponent with the hands, feet, elbows or head, as well as unsportsmanlike moves such as scratching, biting, grabbing the genitals, etc. The difference between individual styles is in the way the fight lasts (number and duration of periods), the scoring of individual moves, the list of allowed moves, etc. The goal of a wrestling match, depending on the style, can be: • make such a grip that knocks the opponent to the floor and brings him into a subdued position. The most commonly known hold is the shower, which describes a situation in which one wrestler managed to lay the opponent on his back so that both of the opponent's shoulders are firmly pressed to the ground. • knock the opponent to the floor • to get the opponent to touch any part of the body other than the feet or to push him out of the area intended for the fight (e.g. a rule in sumo wrestling) • lift the opponent above head height • bring the opponent's body into a subordinate position in some other prescribed way

Wrestling at the Summer Olympics

Wrestling first appeared at the Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. From that moment, it has always been on the program of the Games except for Paris in 1900. Ladies have not competed in one of the most important sporting events for a long time, and they received the right to participate in the 2004 Olympic Games, which held in Athens. Until 2020 and the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a total of 6791 competitors participated and as many as 1269 medals were distributed between 56 countries. In the Japanese capital, 96 men and women are scheduled to participate. The United States is the best in freestyle, while Ja�