Ronnie O’Sullivan


May 28, 2022

Ronald Antonio O'Sullivan (born 5 December 1975 in Wordsley) is a professional snooker player. He is known for his very fast game, which is why he was nicknamed The Rocket. He scored 15 maximum breaks in professional tournaments, the most of all players, and holds the record for the fastest maximum break achieved in professional tournaments - 5 minutes 20 seconds. In January 2015, he broke Stephen Hendry's record for the number of three-digit breaks (775), and is currently the first in the history of snooker with a total of 1,169 three-digit breaks. O'Sullivan started snooker at the age of 7 made his first competitive three-digit break and became the British Under-16 Champion when he was 13. Among the many titles from ranked and unranked tournaments, he won the World Championship a record seven times, the Masters seven times and seven titles at the UK Championships. which holds the record as the youngest champion. In 2013, he became the third player after Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry to manage to defend the world title.


Ranking Final: 61 (39 wins, 22 losses)

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