World Basketball Championship 2002


October 18, 2021

The 2002 World Basketball Championship was an international basketball competition held in Indianapolis, USA from August 29 to September 8, 2002. FR Yugoslavia won a gold medal, Argentina won a silver medal, while Germany won a bronze medal. German national team player Dirk Nowitzki was named the best player of the championship. Despite organizing the competition, the American team managed to win only the 6th place, one of the weakest places on the international scene.



The following countries competed: # FR Yugoslavia competed under that name for the last time at the World Cup

Pre-eliminator round

The first three teams from each group advanced to the second pre-elimination round, Group E or F. The fourth team from each group played playoff games from 13th to 16th place.

Group A

Group B

August 29, 2002 August 30, 2002 August 31, 2002

Group C

August 29, 2002 August 30, 2002

Group D

Second pre-eliminator round

In this part, the results from the pre-elimination round are combined, and the teams that played before do not play for the second time. Teams from groups A and B form group E, and teams from groups C and D form group F. Four first-place teams go to the elimination round; the last two teams are going to play 9th to 12th place matches.

Group E

# better in a duel with each other | align left | RCA Dome | align left | Conseco Fieldhouse |} | align left | RCA Dome | align left | RCA Dome |}

Group F

September 2, 2002


Matches from 13th to 16th place

Matches from 9th to 12th place

Matches from 5th to 8th place

Eliminator Round



For 3rd place



Final order

The best team in the championship

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