Parliament of Montenegro


May 28, 2022

The Parliament of Montenegro is the highest legislative and constitutional body in Montenegro. It is unicameral and consists of 81 deputies, who, according to the Constitution of Montenegro, are elected in free and secret elections for a term of four years.


The Assembly appoints the Prime Minister, when nominated by the President, as well as the ministers elected by the Prime Minister. The Assembly also passes all laws in Montenegro, ratifies international agreements, appoints judges, adopts the budget and performs other tasks determined by the Constitution. The Assembly can also vote no confidence in the government, if a majority of MPs agree.


The term of office of deputies is four years. One deputy is elected for every 6,000 voters, which results in a change in the total number of deputies in parliament. The current parliamentary assembly has 81 deputies instead of the previous 75.

Current convocation

Previous elections and convocations The Parliament of Montenegro has so far functioned in several convocations:

Parliamentary elections 2020.

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