October 28, 2021

Painting is an artistic expression of ideas and emotions with certain aesthetic qualities in two-dimensional visual language. Elements of painting, such as lines, shapes, colors, tones, and textures, are used in a variety of ways to produce a sense of volume, mass, space, movement, and light on a flat surface. They are also combined with artistic expression in order to achieve a representation of real or unreal phenomena, narration or completely abstract visual relationships. The artist's decision to use a particular painting medium, tempera, fresco, oil, acrylic, watercolor or other water-soluble paints, inks, gouache, encaustics, casein tempera as well as the choice of a particular substrate, wall, canvas, wooden board, glass, miniatures, illumination manuscripts, or any other contemporary painting background, is based on their sensory qualities and possibilities of expression, but also on the limitations of selected options or their combinations. The choice of medium and form, and ultimately the artist’s own creative skill, yield as a final result a unique work of painting. Representation of nature, object or figurative painting; (still life, landscape, portrait, nude, etc.), is created by combining painting elements, subordinating them to the natural laws of form and form. Subject-matter or abstract painting is related to subjective and emotional artistic expression, which does not strive to represent reality, but to create new realities. An abstract painter expresses his ideas through the free use of basic elements. The introduction of geometric shapes into abstract painting is related to rational non-objective artistic expression. From a technical point of view, painting is the process of applying a mixture of pigment and glue (binder) to a substrate. On the artistic side, painting is the artistic expression of ideas, concepts, with the help of artistic elements, ie composition design, which is realized through preliminary studies, or in prehistoric, modern and contemporary painting, often with a direct approach, without preliminary studies, where the painter is guided by intuition. and their ability to solve composition problems with the aim of achieving an aesthetic experience of the imagined idea. The background for the painting can be a wall (in prehistoric times

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