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January 23, 2022

Fifa's codes are made up of three letters, and Fifa assigns them to its members, as well as to non-Fife countries. The codes are officially used by FIFA and the continental federations (AFK, KAF, KONKAKAF, KONMEBOL, OFK and UEFA) as abbreviations for countries, which are used in official competitions.

Fife member codes

Currently, Fifa has 211 members, each with its own unique code.

Non-Fife country codes

Non-Fife country codes:

Incorrect codes

The following codes apply to countries that are not united with FIFA. Although members of the regional confederation, these codes are not used by Fife.

Deprecated codes

The list shows obsolete codes because the state ceased to exist, changed its name, code, or became part of another state.

Differences in codes: Fifa, IOC, ISO

Although most of the codes used by Fifa are the same as those used by the IOC and ISO, there are some differences: Some countries are members of FIFE but not members of the IOC, while others are members of the IOC and not members of FIFA: FIFA non-IOC members: (13): Anguilla Wales Gibraltar England Curacao Macau Montserrat New Caledonia Northern Ireland Tahiti Turks and Caicos Faroe Islands Scotland IOC non-FIFA members (8): Kiribati Marshall Islands Micronesia Monaco Nauru Palau Tuvalu United Kingdom

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