List of Nobel Prize winners in economics


December 3, 2021

The Nobel Prize in Economics, officially the Swedish Bank of Economics Award in memory of Alfred Nobel (Swedish: Sveriges riksbanks pris i ekonomisk vetenskap till Alfred Nobels minne), was founded by the Swedish National Bank and awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The award was first given in 1969 to Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen. Each winner receives a medal, a diploma and a cash prize that changes over the years. So far, the prize has been awarded 53 times, and 89 people have received it. Of these, 87 were men. The first woman to receive the award was Elinor Ostrom in 2009. After her, Esther Duflo succeeded in that in 2019. At the age of 46, Duflo is also the youngest winner of the award, and Leonid Hurvich, at the age of 90, is the oldest winner. With 33 laureates, the University of Chicago is the institution with the most lecturers who have won the Nobel Prize in Economics.

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