List of countries and territories by area


January 21, 2022

This is a list of countries and territories, sorted by area. The list includes all sovereign states and dependent territories listed in ISO standard 3166-1. Unrecognized states and those overseas possessions are also included in the list, but they do not have a number that ranks them on the list, because their area has already been calculated in the home country. The list contains two columns with numbers in a row. The first column represents the ranked positions of sovereign states of the world according to the areas of their home territories, while the second column represents the ranked positions of all territories according to the above standards, including all sovereign states, dependent territories and other geographical territories (eg Antarctica). territories are occupied. The area of ​​each territory includes three types of measurements: Land area - is the sum of the entire land bounded by international borders and / or coast, without the surface of inland water bodies (rivers, lakes, etc.). Inland waters - are the sum of all areas of inland water bodies, such as rivers, streams, natural and artificial lakes, etc., which are limited by international borders and / or coast. Some sources of inland waters include coastal waters, depending on their importance for the mainland. Total area - is the total sum of the entire land area and inland waters, bounded by international borders and / or coast. Data are taken from the UN statistical office, unless otherwise indicated.

List of countries by area


This list includes a total of 195 sovereign states. 193 of them are member states of the United Nations, while the Vatican and Palestine are observers. The Maltese Order micronation also has the status of an observer, so due to this fact, that entity was also on this list, although it does not have its own territory. The list also includes 75 dependent territories (of which 23 are not permanently inhabited, so they are not on the list of countries by population). All dependent territories are listed in ISO 3166-1 or in the CIA World Factbook. All other territories, which are on the list, are either unrecognized states or overseas possessions and they are not ranked by number in front of the name. See also the list of dependent territories, which contains 75 dependent territories.

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