Kragujevac October Memorial Park


December 8, 2021

The "October October" Memorial Park is a memorial complex erected in memory of the innocent victims of the Kragujevac massacre committed by members of the Wehrmacht on October 21, 1941. On that day, the German occupiers shot about 3,000 inhabitants of Kragujevac and surrounding places in Sumarice, and among them were 300 students of Kragujevac high schools and apprentices who were already working, as well as 15 boys, shoe shiners, aged 12 to 15. According to the historian and curator of the museum, the late Staniša Brkić, who he mentioned in his book "Name and Number" from 2007, 2,796 people were shot that day (2381 in Kragujevac and 415 in the surrounding villages). The memorial complex covers an area of ​​352 hectares, and around it leads a 7 km long circular road that goes to the valleys of Erdoglijski and Sušički streams where the shootings took place. Within the complex, there are 10 monuments (although it was originally planned to have 30) erected on the mounds of the executed. The first of them, called the "Monument of Pain and Defiance", was erected in 1959, while the last "Monument of Friendship" was built in 1994 and is a gift to the park by the city administration of the Romanian city of Ploiesti. Within the park is the Museum opened on October 21, 1976 with a permanent exhibition related to this event. The absence of openings (windows) on the facades symbolically suggests the hopelessness of unarmed people who found themselves in front of machine gun barrels that day, thirty-three cubes represent thirty mass graves in the memorial park and three more in the nearby villages of Ilićevo, Maršić and Grošnica , while the transparent plexiglass pyramids on their tops represent the last view of the victims pointing to the sky. Within the memorial park there is also an old military cemetery and a monument to the executed Slovaks. The Memorial Park was declared an immovable cultural asset as a landmark of exceptional national importance on December 27, 1979. The Order of Karadjordj's Star of the Third Degree was awarded to the Memorial Park for Vidovdan 2021.


The revenge in Kragujevac, which was carried out on October 20 and 21, 1941, is a consequence of the partisan attack on October 16, 1941 on the Germans, their 3rd Battalion of the 749th Infantry Regiment, who were returning from Gornji Milanovac to Kragujevac. On his return to Kragujevac, �

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