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December 3, 2021

Sportski zurnal is a sports daily published in Belgrade. It comes out every day and brings information from football, basketball, athletics, volleyball, water polo, handball, tennis, boxing, cycling and other sports. It is printed on usually 28, sometimes 32 pages, 16 of which are in color, in Cyrillic. It started coming out on May 17, 1990, on the eve of the World Cup. At the beginning of 2007, the jubilee 6000th issue was published. It belongs to the media house Politika novine and magazines. The editor-in-chief is Predrag Sarić (2011), his deputies are Zoran Stojadinović and Duško Ostojić, the technical editor of the Sports Journal is Branislav Stepanov, and the photo editor is Milan Rašić. The editors of the sector are Branko Spasojevic (football), Predrag Miljus (basketball), Dragoslav Visnjic (athletics), Mihajlo Todic (international football), Igor Jaglicic (volleyball), Svetlana Vujcic (handball), Goran Bogojevic (international sports) and Dusan Vasiljevic. fighting sports). According to all relevant public opinion polls in Serbia, the Sports Journal is the most widely circulated and most respected sports daily in the country. It is characterized by a large amount of information and reports from all sports arenas in Serbia, thanks to a wide and dense correspondent network.

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