May 19, 2022

Wednesday is the third day (according to the ISO-8061 standard) of the week, which is between Tuesday and Thursday. When a week is taken as the first day of the week, the day in the middle of that week is Wednesday. Appropriately, the German name for Wednesday is Mittwoch (literally translated "mid-week") from the 10th century, which replaced the original name: Wodanstag, which Wednesday bore after the old Scandinavian god Vodan or Odin. In English, it is still called Wednesday. According to the Bible, Wednesday is the day when God created the sun and the moon. Wednesday is also the middle of a regular work week from Monday to Friday. The English idiom for Wednesday is "humpback day", which refers to "crossing over the hump" (crossing over the middle of the working week).

Named days

Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, forty days before Easter, not counting Sundays. Spy Wednesday is the old name given to the first Wednesday before Easter, which is reminiscent of Judas' betrayal of Jesus. This story is a periscope from the Gospel that is read today at Mass in the Roman Catholic tradition.


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