Central European Time


May 19, 2022

Central European Time (CET) is one of the names for the UTC + 1 time zone. It is used by most European and North African countries. Most also use Central European Summer Time (CEST) (UTC + 2).


Year-round countries Central European Time: Algeria Angola Benin Gabon Democratic Republic of the Congo (western part) Equatorial Guinea Cameroon Namibia Niger Nigeria Tunisia Central African Republic ChadCountries and territories that use Central European Time in winter, and use Central European Summer Time during the summer from the last week in March to the last week in October (one hour is added, UTC + 2) are: Albania Andorra Austria Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Vatican Gibraltar Denmark Italy Liechtenstein Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Hungary Monaco Norway Germany Poland San Marino Slovenia Slovakia Serbia Netherlands Croatia France Montenegro Czech Republic Spain (excluding Canary Islands) Switzerland Sweden

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