Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts


October 18, 2021

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) is the highest scientific and artistic institution in Serbia. The official day of the founding of the Academy is November 19, 1841. It was called the Royal Serbian Academy from 1886, then the Serbian Royal Academy until 1947, when it was renamed the Serbian Academy of Sciences. Later, with the law from 1960, it changed its name to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.


The academy was established by a law from November 1, 1886, which was passed by the assembly and promulgated by King Milan Obrenović in Niš. This law was called the Basic Law of the Royal-Serbian Academy, and it determined that the first academics should be elected by the king, and then the academics would elect new members themselves. The task of the academy was "to process and improve science; to lay and maintain sound foundations for scientific judgment; to disclose and challenge scientific research in nature, society and historical monuments; to support the domestication and development of higher arts; to carry out with joint strength for the progress of education what the special strength is insufficient for. "The first academics, 16 of them, were appointed by King Milan on April 5, 1887. At that time, there were 4 departments of the Academy, or as it was called "professional academies", and each of them initially received 4 regular members. They were: Academy of Natural Sciences Josif Pančić Dimitrije Nesic Jovan Zujovic Ljubomir Klerić Academy of Philosophical Sciences Stojan Novakovic Milan Kujundzic Aberdar Svetislav Vulović Svetomir Nikolajevic Academy of Social Sciences Cedomilj Mijatovic Milan Ђ. Milicevic Ljubomir Kovacevic Panta Srećković Academy of Arts Ljubomir Nenadovic Matija Ban Mihailo Valtrović Davorin Jenko The first president was Josif Pančić, and the secretary was Jovan Žujović. The number of correspondent members was twice the number of regular members. All members were elected by the Academy itself on the basis of the scope of work and on the basis of correctness, independence and conscientiousness in work. By the law on the establishment of the Serbian Royal Academy, the National Library and the Museum of Serbian Lands fell under its administration. From 22/1 to 1901, the Serbian Royal Academy only supervised the Library, and received an annual report from it and the Museum's management. The first president of the Serbian Royal Academy (for three years) was Josif Pančić, and after him Cedomilj Mij

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