November 30, 2021

The Serbian National Theater is the oldest professional theater in Serbia. It was founded in 1861 in Novi Sad and has been operating continuously since then.


Desire for theater and first steps

At the end of the 18th century, there was already a certain theatrical practice in Vojvodina in the form of amateur performances, when Novi Sad (then under the name Neoplanta) got Theatrum publicum - a public theater (board stage) in Njegoševa, formerly Pozorišna Street. A few decades later, in the documents of the Novi Sad Magistrate from 1825 and 1826, it can be read that this is already a dilapidated building prone to collapse, so for the safety of the ensemble and the citizens, its demolition in 1826 was ordered and carried out. After that, the plays were performed in the German Krajner Theater in the same street, and from 1828 in the Pheasant Inn. The Flying Dilettante Theater (Serbian-Dilettante Society) was founded in 1838, but the absence of the theater building again made work impossible. All these attempts and actions regarding the development of the theater aroused the attention and desire of the citizens of Novi Sad for a permanent city theater. on a newer, more comprehensive level.

Establishment and early phase (1861-1892)

At the end of 1860, in the Serbian daily, Jovan Djordjevic began to publish his famous articles in support of the founding of the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, then the center of Serbian culture in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. At that time, on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, not a single theater in the languages ​​of the Yugoslav peoples was operating. July according to the old calendar) 1861, at the session of the Serbian Reading Room in Novi Sad, chaired by Svetozar Miletić, the first professional theater was founded under the name Serbian National Theater. The Serbian National Theater was founded with a special task: it was supposed to nurture and spread the national thought and the national language, to acquaint the audience with the national past and to encourage domestic writers to intensify dramatic activity, all with the aim of cultural and educational uplift of the Serbian people in the Habsburg monarchy.

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