Stefan Leven


January 23, 2022

Kjell Stefan Löfvén (Swedish: Kjell Stefan Löfvén; Stockholm; 21 July 1957) was the 33rd Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden since 3 October 2014 and the President of the Socialist Democrats of Sweden since 27 January 2012.


He was born in Apsuden, a suburb of Stockholm, as the son of Toure and Iris Melander. His father was an industrial worker and his mother a nurse. He graduated from Solefte High School and Sociology at Umeå University. He was admitted to the Executive Board of the Socialist Democrats of Sweden in 2006. Since then, politics has been his main occupation. He participated in the Pride Parade in 2014 in Stockholm. During his tenure, Sweden recognized the independence of Palestine, making it the first EU country to do so.


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