May 19, 2022

Saturday is the sixth day of the week in Serbia, which is between Friday and Sunday. According to the tradition performed by the ancient Jews, Saturday is the last day of the week. That convention has remained the universal standard in the United States, but in today's Europe, many people consider Saturday to be the sixth (penultimate) day of the week, while Sunday is the last. The modern European convention is defined in the ISO 8601 standard. On the other hand, in many Islamic countries, Saturday is the first day of the week, where Friday is a holiday. In the old Jewish tradition, the Sabbath is the Sabbath. Many languages ​​do not have different words for "Sabbath" and "Sabbath." The Eastern Orthodox Churches distinguish the Sabbaths (Saturdays) from the Lord's days (Sundays). Roman Catholics have little emphasis on the difference that many follow - at least in colloquial language - the Protestant practice of calling the week Sabbath. The modern Maori name, Rahoroi, means "washing day". In many countries where Sundays are holidays, Saturday is part of the weekend and is traditionally a day of rest. Many parties take place on Saturdays, because it precedes Sunday, another day of rest. It is often for clubs, bars and restaurants to open later on Saturday nights than on other nights. Saturday is the usual day for elections in Australia and the only day in New Zealand when elections can take place.


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