university in Nis


October 18, 2021

The University of Nis was founded on June 15, 1965 by the faculties that were then part of the University of Belgrade. The University of Nis has 14 faculties with 1480 teachers and associates and 630 extracurricular workers, and 27,570 students study there. Since its founding until today, 43,259 students have graduated from this university, of which 1,295 are foreigners, 2,025 candidates have defended their master's theses, and 1,128 have obtained the title of doctor of science.


The founding of the University of Nis marks a significant period in the recent history of the city, which began in 1960 with the formation of the first faculties in Nis under the auspices of the University of Belgrade. They were the Faculty of Law, Economics, Medicine and Engineering, the motherland from which, in accordance with the possibilities and requirements of the time, the increasingly complex and comprehensive physiognomy of the University of Nis systematically developed. In the year of its founding, the university had 234 teachers and associates and 6,000 students. The increase in the number of students, the development of new scientific disciplines, but also the increasingly pronounced needs of the economy and social activities, over time have conditioned the reorganization of existing and the establishment of new faculties.


In 1968, the Electronic Department of the Technical Faculty grew into the Electronic Faculty; In 1970, two special faculties emerged from the Faculty of Law and Economics - the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics. In 1971, the Mechanical and Civil Engineering Departments of the Technical Faculty became special faculties. In the same year, the Faculty of Philosophy was founded with seven teaching groups: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology, English and Physical Education; In 1972, the Faculty of Occupational Safety was separated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering; In 1979, the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac began operating; In 1987, the Study Group for Serbian Language and Literature was opened at the Faculty of Philosophy; In 1993, the Faculty of Teacher Education in Vranje began operating; 1995 The Faculty of Civil Engineering, after the opening of the Department of Architecture, changes its name to the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture; In 1998, the Faculty of Philosophy enrolled the first generation of students in the History Study Group. In the same year, the teaching departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts began to work in Nis, as well as the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design as an organizational unit of the University of Arts in Belgrade.

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