FC Partizan


December 3, 2021

FC Partizan is a Serbian football club from Belgrade and is part of JSD Partizan. He won a total of 46 trophies, including: 27 national championships, 16 national cups, 1 national super cup, 1 Mitropa cup and 1 Uhren cup. He finished second on the table of the Yugoslav league of all time. Since 1949, they have played their matches at the Partizan stadium with a capacity of 29,775 seats. Partizan played the first match ever in the European Champions Cup with Sporting in 1955, and was the first Balkan and Eastern European club to play in the finals of the European Champions Cup in the 1965/66 season. Partizan is the first Serbian club to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League. The club has a long-standing rivalry with the Red Star. The matches between these two clubs are known as eternal derbies. In September 2009, the British Daily Mail declared the Partizan-Red Star derby the fourth rivalry of all time. In addition to Serbia, the club is also very popular in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in Republika Srpska. Partizan has many supporters in all other former Yugoslav republics, as well as in the Serbian diaspora. Partizan fans are called Gravediggers.



Partizan was founded in Belgrade on October 4, 1945, as part of the Yugoslav sports association Partizan, which today has 27 clubs in various sports, but is completely independent in terms of organization, administration, finances, material resources and facilities. The club was named after a partisan Yugoslav partisan, a military formation that fought during World War II. The club was initially managed by a group of high-ranking officers of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA), especially Svetozar Vukmanovic, Peko Dapcevic, Ratko Vujovic and Koca Popovic. Two days after its founding, Partizan played its first friendly match against Zemun, which ended 4-2. Sylvester Šereš went down in history as the first scorer in the history of Partizan, while Franjo Glazer was the first coach. Only three weeks later, Partizan went to Czechoslovakia on the first of many international tours, where they defeated the Slovak Army 3-1. Since the Second World War was just over and there was no organized championship, Partizan played only tournaments in the country and abroad. The first match

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