FK Sloga Kraljevo


January 23, 2022

FC Sloga Kraljevo is a football club from Kraljevo. The club was founded in 1947 and currently competes in the Serbian League West, the third competitive level of Serbian football.


In 1909, the former cavalry captain Delić came to Kraljevo from the vicinity of Šibenik and brought the first ball he bought in Zemun. He fled from the Austro-Hungarian army to Belgrade, from where he later moved to Kraljevo. 1919—1945. The first matches in Kraljevo were played in Divlje Polje, the playground was located across from the old railway station and furnace. Zica was the first football club in Kraljevo, founded in 1919. The club played its first games against Victoria from Čačak and the cadets of the Military Academy. In both games, Zica suffered heavy defeats. After three years of existence, the club changes its name in Ibar and competes in the league of the Kragujevac Ball Sub-Federation. The club existed until 1941. After the end of the war, in the middle of April 1945, a group of sports enthusiasts held a founding assembly in the hall of the Paris Hotel and formed a football club called "Sloboda".


The first president of the club was Mile Mitrović. The matches were played under the shore at the site of today's pool. Sloboda played the first game against the shooting battalion stationed in Kraljevo. The jerseys in which they played the game were red, and they were made of parachutes. The result was 10: 1 for the team from Kraljevo. In the qualifying match for entering the first league against Borac in Čačak, the Sloboda football players are leaving the field due to the open affection of the host referee. Namely, Sloboda led 2: 0 in the first half. During the second half, Borac equalized, so that he scored one goal after the offside, and 10 minutes before the end, he scored the third goal after a foul on the Sloboda players. At the invitation of the members of the management, the football players leave the field before the end of the match. After the match, there was a riot where, in addition to the players, Sloboda fans also participated. Due to this incident, the club was suspended. A few months later, there was a merger with Lokomotiv and the club was renamed "Sloga".


In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Sloga competed in the Serbian League, which at the time had fourteen clubs. At the end of the championship in 1951, Sloga finished in first place and expected more

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