FC Red Star


December 8, 2021

FC Red Star is a Serbian football club from Belgrade and is part of SD Red Star. Crvena zvezda is the most trophy-winning football club in Serbia, winning a total of 64 titles, including 32 domestic championships, 25 national cups, two national super cups, one league cup (first league cup), two Mitropa cups, one Champions Cup and one Intercontinental Cup. The greatest success was achieved in 1991, when he won the European Champions Cup in Bari and the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo the same year. It was the greatest achievement of the Red Star and any Serbian, and then Yugoslav football club. In addition to that success in European competitions, the finals of the 1979 UEFA Cup stand out, where they were defeated by Borussia Monchengladbach. He plays at his stadium, which has been named after Red Star legend Rajko Mitic since 2014, with a capacity of 51,755 seats. The stadium is known among the local audience as Maracana after the stadium of the same name in Brazil, although it was never its official name. According to most research, Crvena zvezda is the most popular club in Serbia and Belgrade. It is also very popular in almost all neighboring countries, but also among the Serbian population around the world. The club has a long-standing rivalry with Partizan. Since 2011, there is also the Women's Football Club Red Star.


Origin and first title (1945—1951)

While the Second World War was still going on, a complete reorganization of sports life was carried out in the liberated parts of the country. A large number of pre-war clubs ceased to exist, and new ones were established instead. One of the most famous football clubs that was shut down at that time was Belgrade Yugoslavia. During February 1945, young people, members of the United Union of Anti-Fascist Youth of Serbia, began preparations for the founding assembly of a youth sports association, with the goal of being composed of various sports sections. In the spirit of that time, it was called the Youth Sports Association (OFD), which grew into the Red Star on March 4. The initiative for the establishment of the sports association came from Zoran Žujović and Slobodan Ćosić, and among the founders were also Nebojša Popović, Svetozar Gligorić, Mira Petrović and Milovan Ćirić. The newly founded club then got a stadium

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