Philip IV of France


October 18, 2021

Philippe IV de France (1268-29 November 1314) was a king of France (1285-1314) of the Capetian dynasty. He destroyed the Templars and expelled the Jews in order to obtain their treasure. The pope moved his seat from Rome to Avignon and managed to appoint the Frenchman Clement V as pope. Soon after his death (after 14 years), the Capet dynasty was left without male heirs.


He is the son of King Philip III and Isabella of Aragon. Even as a prince, he negotiated the departure of the royal family from Aragon after the unsuccessful Aragonese Crusade. As king, he advocated the strengthening of the monarchy at any cost. He relied far more than his predecessors on the professional bureaucracy. During his reign, there was a transition from a charismatic monarchy to a more modern bureaucratic monarchy. He married John of Navarre. Jovana brought Champagne and Brie as a royal dowry, as well as the Kingdom of Navarre in the Pyrenees, which was in a personal union from 1284-1329, only to later become independent. War with England and Flanders Centralization within France posed a threat to the English king, because it also applied to his possessions. During 1294, war broke out between England and France. Philip IV the Beautiful encouraged the Scots against England and considered the occupation of Scotland unacceptable. The long war exhausted both England and France, so in 1303 a peace treaty was concluded. The peace agreement was confirmed by the marriage of Isabella of France, daughter of Philip IV the Beautiful, to the English heir to the throne. Later, Isabella of France became one of the causes of the Hundred Years' War.

War with Flanders

He suffered a great defeat in the conflict with Flanders, where he wanted to quell the rebellion. In the battle of the golden spurs on July 11, 1302, his knights and 4,000 infantry were defeated. Two years later, he led the army against Flanders and managed to win. Flanders was forced to accept the peace treaty in 1305 and to pay large compensation. Strike on Jews and Templars with the aim of plundering their great treasure Since the war with England was extremely expensive, Philip decided to take the wealth of the Templars, Jews and the Catholic Church.

Robbery of Jewish property

Philip IV the Beautiful arrested the Jews in 1306 and expelled them from France so that he could confiscate their property. The costs of warfare have risen, and the Jewish �

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