Filmography Andreja Zvjagintseva


January 27, 2022

Andrej Zvjagincev's filmography includes short and feature films, directing a television series as well as acting roles. After graduating in acting from the Academy of Arts in Novosibirsk, Andrei Zvyagintsev moved to Moscow, where he is trying to start his career. At the beginning of his life in Moscow, he worked through low-paid jobs: he cleaned houses, blew leaves off the roads, broke ice and shoveled snow during the winter. He had several minor roles in television, film and directed several commercials before directing his first film, Back in 2003. In his films, he often uses long shots and critically portrays modern man and Russian society. Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, Cannes Film Jury Award, Cannes Film Festival Best Screenplay Award and over 60 other awards. Feature films Short Feature Films

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