Fred Zinemann


July 5, 2022

Fred Zinnemann (Fred Zinnemann, IPA:/ˈzɪnəmən/, April 29, 1907, Vienna, Austria-Hungary - March 14, 1997, London, United Kingdom) is an American director of Austrian-Jewish origin. His probably best-known film is the western At Noon (1952), starring Gary Cooper, built on the foundations of the European tradition of classical tragedy. Other major films: From Here to Eternity (based on the novel by James Jones), The Seventh Cross (his first major success) and The Man for All Time (a biography of Thomas More). He won four Oscars: for directing the films From Here to Eternity and A Man for All Time (also an Oscar for Best Picture), and for the short documentary Benjy (1951). In the opinion of film theorists, Fred Zinnemann, with his best works, ranks among the top American directors of the postwar period (along with John Huston, George Stevens, Billy Wilder and William Wyler).


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