December 3, 2021

Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone and the largest city with 1,070,200 inhabitants (2004). The city is located on the Freetown Peninsula and faces the Atlantic Ocean. The area was first inhabited in 1787 by freed slaves from England and Canada, as well as slaves who fled Jamaica and American black loyalists. Freetown was founded in 1792 for freed slaves from Nova Scotia. From 1808 to 1874, Freetown was the capital of British West Africa. During World War II, the city served as a naval base for the British. The city was the scene of heavy fighting during the civil war during the 1990s. As in the rest of Sierra Leone, Freetown has a tropical climate with a rainy season from May to October. Freetown's economy relies on its port, through which much of the country's exports pass. The industry includes fish packaging, rice milling, oil refining and cigarette production. The suburbs of Freetown are: Wellington, Kisi, Klin Town, Fura Bay, Kosa Town, Fula Town, Congo Town, Moore Town, Wilber Force and Aberdeen. The twin city of Freetown is Kingston upon Hills in England.







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