Football Association of Serbia


January 23, 2022

The Football Association of Serbia (FSS) is an organization that manages football and futsal in Serbia with its headquarters in Belgrade. FSS is the successor of the Football Association of Yugoslavia, which was founded in 1919, and the Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro since 2006.


The Football Association of Serbia is the most massive and most organized sports organization in Serbia. It was founded on August 28, 1948 by the decision of the Physical Education Association of Serbia. However, football as a game in Serbia has an incomparably longer tradition. The first football match, according to credible records, was played in 1896 between the walls of the Lower Town of Kalemegdan and the Nebojsa Tower (May 19 according to the old calendar, and May 31 according to the new calendar). The organizer of the match was the Gymnastics Association Soko. The following could be read in the report of Večernji novosti: Gymnasts performed various games with one big ball, throwing it according to certain rules, an hour high, an hour away, and what is most interesting, only with their feet. Football was also written about in 1899, when (June 15) the First Serbian Ball Association organized a match on a new fenced playground near the Orphanage, for the arrangement of which 500 dinars were spent. In the spring of 1901, according to some records, football was played again in Belgrade. In April 1903, a football club of the same name was founded at the Belgrade Gymnastics Association Soko. Six months later (September 14) in Kragujevac The Šumadija club was founded on the initiative of Danilo Stojanović Dača. The oldest Serbian club, however, is Bačka from Subotica (August 3, 1901), noting that Subotica was part of Austria-Hungary at the time, so this club competed in the league of Southern Hungary for several years. Belgrade's Soko and Kragujevac's Šumadija played their first match only in 1904. Soon, new football clubs were founded throughout Serbia: Dušan Silni in Šabac (1908), Vihor in Obrenovac (1909), Deligrad in Aleksinac (1909), Sokol in Kraljevo (1910), Olimpija in Niš (1912), Javor in Ivanjica (1912), Ozren in Soko Banja (1912) and others. Translated by Anastasis Hristodul in 1905, the first Rules of the Football Game in Serbia were published. The first football tournament in Serbia was held in 1913. Teams from Sokol, BSK and Šumadija participated.


Football competitions at the level of the Republic of Serbia are organized as follows:


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