Fulhensio Jegros


May 20, 2022

Fulgencio Yegros and Franco de Torres (Kujkujo, 1780 - Asuncion, July 17, 1821) was the first Paraguayan president and military leader.


He was born in a family of military tradition. He studied in Asuncion and joined the army. He had his first combat experience in 1802 against the Portuguese and in 1807, when he was part of the Paraguayan military units, which defended Buenos Aires during the British invasion of Rio de la Plata. He became captain in 1810 and governor of the Misiones district. Jegros and Pedro Juan Caballero were major military figures in the early morning revolution of May 15, 1811, which led to Paraguay's independence from Argentina. After independence, Yegros and Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de France were elected consuls of the Republic following the example of the French Revolution. Yegros founded the first military academy in independent Paraguay. He was more of a military leader than a politician, and France overshadowed his role as consul. He was consul of Paraguay from June 19, 1811 to October 12, 1813, and from February 12, 1814 to June 12, 1814. After his last term, France became the sole ruler of Paraguay, and Yegros withdrew from public life on his property. In 1820, Yegros was a participant in a revolution that tried to replace France. After the failure of the revolution, Yegros was imprisoned and executed on July 17, 1821.