Cetinje monastery


July 1, 2022

The Cetinje monastery is one of the most important monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is located in Cetinje, and belongs to the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral. It is dedicated to the feast of the Birth of the Most Holy Mother of God. It was originally built in 1484, as a new cathedral monastery of the Zeta Metropolitanate. In the period from 1493 to 1496, the famous Cetinje printing house, the oldest printing house in the Serbian lands, operated at this monastery. The old monastery was damaged in 1692 by the Venetians when Sulejman Pasha arrived, after which a new monastery complex was built by the Metropolitan of Skenderija Primorska, Danilo Petrović, which was extended several times. Numerous cultural goods are kept in the monastery.


The first monastery in Cetinje was built in 1484 by Ivan Crnojević, the ruler of Zeta, and then it became the seat of the Zeta metropolitanate. Until the second half of 1777, the metropolitans had the title "Skednerijsko primorski", and since then the titles have added a Montenegrin name. From the earlier period, the Montenegrin name is associated with Metropolitan Romil (1530-1551). The monastery was built on the location of Ćipur, and it was demolished to its foundations in 1692 by the Venetians, who first covered it, so that the lagoon would catch fire when the vizier of Skadar entered it. The monastery was thus destroyed during the retreat of the Venetians before the Turks. This was established by Lazar Tomanović, stating that it was previously thought that the Turks destroyed the monastery, on the basis of Venetian documents. Suleiman-pasha Bushatlija survived the Venetian demolition of the Cetinje monastery in Cetinje. The fate of the monastery was, with the Venetians, as well as the monastery of Tvrdoš. They licked it and lifted it into the air, which wounded the pasture. The indignant Turks then razed the entire monastery to the ground. The new bishop was elected only in 1694 in the person of the abbot Sava or the later Metropolitan Sava Očinić. Today, the remains of this monastery, known as the Monastery of Crnojević on Ćipur, are located on Ćipur. The monastery was renovated in 1701 by Bishop Danilo, on a place not far from the original location. On that occasion, stones from the old one were installed in the new monastery, and a plaque with the coat of arms of Crnojević and the dedication of Ivan Crnojević was transferred. In 1712, the monastery was burned by the Bosnian vizier Ahmet Pasha, and it was rebuilt around 1743 by the Montenegrin Metropolitan Sava Petrović Njegoš. Mahmud-pasha Bushatlija ate it