November 30, 2021

The Swiss (German: Schweizer, Italian: Svizzeri, French: Suisses, Romanian: Svizzers) are citizens of Switzerland, a confederate state in Central Europe.

Ethno-linguistic division

The traditional ethnic composition of the territory of Switzerland includes the following elements: The German-Swiss - speakers of the Alemannic language, formed by the merging of the Gallo-novel with the Alemanni and Burgundians, including a subgroup such as Vasler. "Swiss", a term that referred exclusively to this group from the 16th to the 18th century, with the expansion of the Swiss Confederation after the Congress of Vienna, began to refer to non-Alemannic territories. They are very similar to German-speaking residents of Alsace, Swabia and Vorarlberg. Franco-Swiss - traditional speakers of the Franco-Franco-Provencal dialect, today mostly assimilated by the standard French language (Swiss French), created by mixing the Gallo-novel with the Burgundians. They are very similar to the French (especially the inhabitants of Franche-Comté). Italian-Swiss - speakers of the Lombard language today are mostly assimilated by the standard Italian language. They were formed by mixing the inhabitants of the Roman province of Recia and Lombardy. They are related to the Italians (especially the inhabitants of Lombardy and Piedmont). Reti - Romance speakers, most live in the canton of Graubünden.

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