February 1


May 19, 2022

February 1 is the thirty-second day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 333 days (334 in leap years) remain in the year after this day.


1701 - Battle of Cremona during the War of the Spanish Succession between Austrian and French troops. 1748 - By decree of Empress Maria Theresa, Novi Sad received the status of a free royal city within the Austrian monarchy. That day was declared City Day 1996. 1793 - Revolutionary France declares war on Britain and the Netherlands less than two weeks after the execution of King Louis XVI. 1840 - The world's first dental school opens in Baltimore, USA. 1893 - Thomas Alva Edison opens the world's first film studio in West Orange, New Jersey. 1896 - Inspired by the Greek uprising, the people of Crete begin an uprising against Turkish rule. With the intervention of European powers, Crete gained autonomy in 1898, and in 1912 it was annexed to Greece. 1896 - Puccini's opera Bohemia is premiered in Turin. 1901 - The first issue of "Srpski književni glasnik", a magazine for literature, is published in Belgrade. The first editor was Bogdan Popović, one of the most famous literary critics and theorists of that time. 1918 - A cannon shot from the cruiser "St. Georg" marks the beginning of a revolt of about 6,000 sailors in the Austro-Hungarian navy in the Bay of Kotor. The uprising was quelled on February 3, 800 sailors and non-commissioned officers were arrested, and 40 of them were brought before a court in Kotor, four of whom were sentenced to death and then shot. A large number were released after the trial in September, and the criminal proceedings against the others were interrupted by the collapse of Austria-Hungary in the First World War. 1924 - Britain's first Labor government recognizes the Soviet Union, significantly reducing the diplomatic isolation of the world's first socialist country. 1942 - Norwegian fascist leader Vidkun Quisling becomes president of a puppet government in occupied Norway during World War II. 1946 - Norwegian diplomat Trigwe Lee is elected First Secretary-General of the United Nations. 1946 - Hungary is proclaimed a republic, with President Zoltan Tildi and Prime Minister Ferenc Nagy. 1974 - A fire in a new solitaire in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo kills more than 220 people. 1979 - Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to Paris