July 10


August 11, 2022

July 10 (7/10) is the 191st day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (192nd in a leap year). There are 174 days left until the end of the year.


48. p. n. e. — In the battle of Dyrachium, Julius Caesar barely escaped a heavy defeat by Pompey. 1461 - Stefan Tomasevic became king of Bosnia 1553 — Jane Grey, great-granddaughter of Henry VII, crowned Queen of England, 9 days later deposed by Elizabeth I Tudor. 1584 — Balthazar Gerard killed the Prince of Oran, Willem I of Oran, in Delft. 1609 — The Catholic League is founded in Munich in response to the founding of the Protestant Union (1608), which heightens tensions in Germany that lead to the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War (1618-48) in central Europe. 1774 — After the Six-Year War, Russia and the Ottoman Empire concluded the Peace of Kuchukkainardzhi, a peace by which the Ottoman Empire lost the Crimea, accepted the Russian-Turkish border on the Bug River, and recognized Russia's patronage rights over Wallachia and Moldavia, as well as over Orthodox subjects in Turkey. 1789 — Alexander Mackenzie reached the delta of the Mackenzie River (river). 1821 - The US takes possession of Florida after purchasing it from Spain. 1897 — In a struggle for supremacy in the upper Nile region, French troops occupy Feshoude (Kodok) in the Sudan, causing a serious crisis in Anglo-French relations. In a compromise solution in 1899, France received western Sudan, and the Nile Valley remained under British control. 1940 — The Battle of Britain in World War II begins with German bombers attacking British convoys in the English Channel. 1940 — The French National Assembly entrusts power to Marshal Philippe Pétain, who led a Vichy-based collaborationist government during the Second World War. 1943 - Anglo-American World War II troops land in Sicily. 1953 — Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev dismisses Interior Minister Lavrenty Beria, a close Stalin associate and executioner in the Stalinist purges. 1962 — The first telecommunications satellite "Telstar" was launched from Cape Canaveral, which enabled the transmission of TV programs across the Atlantic Ocean. 1973 — The Bahamas gained independence as part of the British Commonwealth, after 190 years of British colonial rule. 1976 — Because of a burst valve in the "Ikmeza" chemical factory near M�