December 11


May 19, 2022

December 11 (December 11) is the 345th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (346th in leap years). There are 20 more days until the end of the year.


630 - Muhammad leads an army of 10,000 to conquer Mecca. 1858 - St. Andrew's Assembly changes dynasties in Serbia, overthrowing Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic. Miloš Obrenović was returned to the throne, and his son Mihailo was proclaimed his successor. 1877 - Nikola Kole Rasic and his Chetniks enter Leskovac, abandoned by the Turks, and declare unification with the Principality of Serbia. The local Bulgarian committee and the population loyal to the exarchate asked the Russian general Gurko to annex Leskovac to Bulgaria, but the Berlin Congress finally resolved the status of Pomoravlje. 1888 - The Serbian Parliament accepts the Constitution proposed by the People's Radical Party. The constitution, written on the model of the Belgian constitution of 1831, introduced parliamentary democracy in Serbia. 1894 - The world's first car show opens in Paris, featuring nine manufacturers. 1937 - A decision is made by the Fascist Grand Council to withdraw from the League of Nations. 1941 - Germany and Italy declare war on the United States in World War II, and the US Congress declares war on those countries on the same day. Poland declared war on Japan, and Cuba, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala on Germany and Italy. 1946 - The United Nations General Assembly establishes UNICEF, the United Nations International Fund for Assistance to Children in War-Destroyed Countries. 1972 - US astronauts Apollo 17 Eugene Kernon and Harrison Smith land on the moon during their last Apollo mission. 1973 - West German Chancellor Willy Brandt and Czechoslovak Prime Minister Lubomir Strougal sign a treaty formally repealing the 1938 Munich Pact, leaving Britain and France to cede the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany. 1991 - An agreement on monetary and political union is formed in Maastricht. 1992 - At the request of Macedonia, the United Nations Security Council approves the deployment of 800 UN troops to the former Yugoslav republic. 1994 - Russian President Boris Yeltsin orders the Russian military to establish control over Chechnya. 1997 - A draft is signed in Kyoto