November 11


May 19, 2022

November 11 (November 11) is the 315th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (316th in leap years). There are 50 more days until the end of the year.


308 - The Roman emperor Galerius proclaims his old comrade-in-arms and countryman Licinius his August co-ruler. 1500 - French King Louis XII and Ferdinand of Aragon sign a secret agreement in Granada to divide Italy. 1889 - Washington becomes the 42nd state in the United States. 1918 - A truce is made between the victorious Entente and the German army in the Compiègne Forest (France), ending the First World War. Marshal Jozef Pilsudski proclaimed the independent Republic of Poland. 1942 - German troops occupy an unoccupied part of France during World War II, under the control of the Quisling government in Vichy. On the same day, German and Italian troops occupied the French island of Corsica. 1944 - The Battle of Batin begins, in which units of the Soviet Red Army and the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia are defeated by German forces in World War II after heavy fighting on November 23. 1945 - The first post-war elections in Yugoslavia are held, on the basis of which the Constituent Assembly of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia is constituted. 1952 - John Moulin and Wayne Johnson present their video recorder invention in Los Angeles for the first time. 1958 - The first successful bone marrow transplant is performed at the Curie Clinic in Paris. 1961 - The Soviet city of Stalingrad is renamed Volgograd. 1965 - Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith unilaterally declares independence from the United Kingdom, which declares the white minority regime illegal and imposes trade sanctions. 1971 - A US Senate ratifies a treaty that returns the island of Okinawa to Japan, taken away at the end of World War II. 1975 - Angola declares independence after five centuries of Portuguese colonial rule. Agostino Neto became the first president of the People's Republic of Angola. 1992 - The Anglican Church abandons centuries of tradition and allows women to be priests. 1996 - Guatemalan President Alvaro Arsu announces that an agreement has been reached with the guerrilla movement to end the 36-year-old civil war in the central United States.