May 13


May 17, 2022

May 13 (13.05) is the 133rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (134th in leap years). There are 232 days remaining until the end of the year.


1497 - Pope Alexander VI excommunicates Florence ruler and reformer Girolamo Savonarola, who is burned a year later. 1787 - The first prisoner ships set sail from Portsmouth for a new colony in Australia, then a British penal colony. 1779 - Russian and French mediators negotiate the peace of Teschen, ending the Bavarian Heritage War. 1830 - The Republic of Ecuador is founded, with Juan José Flores elected president. 1846 - US Congress formally declares war on Mexico, although fighting in California began days earlier. 1848 - A session of the "May Assembly" began in Sremski Karlovci, at which delegates from 175 church municipalities from Vojvodina and Serbia elected Josif Rajačić as patriarch and Colonel Stevan Šupljikac as duke. 1887 - The Provisional Observatory of the Great School is founded in Belgrade. With the founding of the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia in 1947, the Observatory became part of it. 1888 - Princess Isabella of Brazil signs the Golden Law, officially abolishing slavery in Brazil. 1913 - Russian designer Igor Sikorski takes off the first multi-engine plane, the Russian Knight, which he built himself. 1940 - A German army crosses the Meuse River, invading France. 1941 - In Serbia, on Ravna Gora, Colonel Dragoljub Mihailović founded the Yugoslav Army in the homeland. 1944 - OZNA - Department of People's Protection is formed. 1945 - Battle of Zelengora, the last battle in the civil war between the partisan and Chetnik movements. 1948 - Fifteen Jewish kibbutz settlers, Kfar Ezion, are massacred after surrender after a two-day battle with the Arab Legion and Arab settlers. 1949 - The first British Canberra jet takes off for the first time. 1967 - Zakir Hussein takes office as India's first Muslim president. 1968 - Official talks between North Vietnam and the United States begin in Paris to end the Vietnam War. 1981 - At St. Peter's Square in Rome, assassin Mehmet Ali Agca wounds Pope John Paul II. 1990 - Fan riots broke out at the Maksimir Stadium, at the match between Zagreb's Dinamo and Belgrade's Red Star. 1994 - Ministers of Foreign Affairs