September 13


December 3, 2021

September 13 (September 13) is the 256th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar (257th in leap years). There are 109 days remaining until the end of the year.


81 - After the death of his brother Titus, Domitian assumes power over the Roman Empire. 533 - A Byzantine army under Belisarius defeats a vandal army under King Gelimer at the Battle of Ad Decimum (10th mile from Carthage). 1276 - Pope John XXI succeeds Adrian V as the 187th Roman pope. 1759 - The British defeat the French in a decisive battle on the Abraham Plain near Quebec and secure British supremacy in Canada. 1788 - New York is proclaimed the first federal capital of the United States. 1814 - British forces attack Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore, later inspiring Francis Scott Key to write the Star-Flaged Flag, the future anthem of the United States. 1882 - During the Egyptian Uprising, British troops defeat the Egyptian army at Tel el Kebir and continue to conquer Egypt and Sudan. 1922 - Al-Azizia in Libya measures the highest temperature in the cold - 58 ° C. 1923 - With the approval of King Alfonso XIII, General Miguel Primo de Rivera staged a coup in Spain and imposed a military dictatorship. 1943 - The People's Liberation Committee for Istria decides to join Istria to Croatia. 1955 - Diplomatic relations are established between the USSR and West Germany. 1971 - A New York Attica prison kills 31 prisoners and 11 prison guards, when members of the American police and the National Guard intervene to quell a five-day uprising in prison. 1989 - The largest anti-apartheid demonstration in South Africa takes place in Cape Town. The demonstrators, who passed through the city center with song and dance, were led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 1991 - The Soviet Union and the United States agree to suspend arms supplies to Afghanistan. 1993 - Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) sign a peace agreement in Washington, which provides for Palestinian self-government in the occupied territories. 1998 - Bosnia and Herzegovina's second post-war general elections are again won by Bosnian Muslim, Serb and Croat national political parties. The three-year war, fought by national leaders

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