December 14


January 27, 2022

December 14 (December 14) is the 348th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (349th in leap years). There are 17 days remaining until the end of the year.


557 - A devastating earthquake damages Constantinople. 1481 - After a long siege, Turkish troops occupy Novi, and Herzegovina becomes part of the Ottoman Empire. 1542 - Six-day-old Mary Stuart succeeds Scotland. 1782 - The Mongolf brothers conduct an experiment with a hot air balloon in Avignon for the first time. 1819 - Alabama is admitted to the Union as the 22nd United States. 1822 - The Congress of the Holy Alliance ends in Verona, deciding on intervention against the Spanish Civil Revolution. Assistance to Greece in the fight for liberation from Turkey was not voted on. 1836 - The Toledo War between Ohio and neighboring Michigan is unofficially ended with the adoption of the "Free Convention". 1900 - German physicist Max Planck publishes the "Quantum Theory", according to which radiation energy originates from invisible particles, quanta, and is not continuous, as previously thought. 1911 - Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen becomes the first man to reach the South Pole. 1916 - Danish citizens vote in a referendum to sell Danish West Indies to the United States for $ 25 million. 1918 - For the first time in Britain, women vote and are eligible to run for parliament. The first woman to be elected was Countess Markiewicz, an Irish nationalist, but she could not take her seat in Parliament because she was in prison. 1918 - Friedrich Karl refuses to be King of Finland because of his German origins at the end of the First World War. 1927 - The United Kingdom recognizes Iraq's independence and supports the country's admission to the League of Nations. 1935 - The first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Masaryk, resigns, and four days later, the then head of diplomacy, Edward Benes, is elected head of state. 1937 - Japan establishes a puppet Chinese government in Beijing. 1939 - The League of Nations expels the Soviet Union for aggression against Finland. 1939 - 9 people are killed in clashes between Belgrade University workers and students at a demonstration with police and gendarmerie in Belgrade. 1950 - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is established. 1959 - Archbishop Makarios III becomes the first president of Cyprus. 1960 - Potpi

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