December 15


January 27, 2022

December 15 (December 15) is the 349th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (350th in leap years). There are 16 more days until the end of the year.


1640 - Duke of Bragança is crowned Joao IV, the first Portuguese king after sixty years of Spanish rule and the first of the Bragança dynasty to rule Portugal until 1910. 1711 - A plague epidemic breaks out in Copenhagen, killing thousands. 1791 - The first 10 amendments to the US Constitution, collectively known as the Charter of Rights, are ratified. 1801 - Renegade janissaries, led by four Belgrade dahis, Aganlija, Kučuk-Alija, Fočić Mehmed-aga and Mula Yusuf, assassinated Belgrade governor Haxhi Mustafa Pasha and terrorized the Belgrade pashaluq. Violence accelerated the outbreak of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804. 1806 - French troops under Napoleon Bonaparte enter Warsaw. 1840 - A coffin with the remains of French Emperor Napoleon I is laid to rest in the Invalides in Paris, 19 years after his death in exile on the island of Saint Helena. 1890 - Sioux Indian Sitting Bull, led by Indian tribes at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876 against the US Seventh Cavalry Division, commanded by George Custer, is assassinated. 1914 - The Battle of Kolubara ends with the liberation of Belgrade in the First World War. The victory, for which exceptional merits belong to the commander of the First Army, General Zivojin Misic, raised the reputation of Serbia among the allies and strengthened the self-confidence of the Serbian army and people. 1938 - Russian pilot Valery Chkalov dies while testing a new type of fighter jet. In 1937, he flew the North Pole, without descending from Moscow to Vancouver, 12,000 km, in 64 hours and 25 minutes, which is recognized as a world record for long-distance flight. 1961 - The United Nations General Assembly rejected the Soviet proposal to admit China to the world organization. Former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann, organizer and perpetrator of the genocide of Jews in World War II, sentenced to death in Jerusalem and then hanged. After the war, he lived in Argentina under a false name until 1960, when he was discovered and arrested by members of the Israeli secret service. 1965 - US spacecraft Gemini 6 and Gemini 7 make their first space encounter and make two orbits flying side by side. 1967 - Silver crashes

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