November 15


May 19, 2022

November 15 (November 15) is the 319th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (320th in leap years). There are 46 days remaining until the end of the year.


1492 - Christopher Columbus makes the first mention of tobacco in his diary. Tobacco was transferred from America to Europe only in the 16th century, and then to other continents. 1577 - English pirate and Admiral Francis Drake embarks on a voyage around the world. After three years of successful travel, he became the first Englishman to sail around the Earth. During his voyage, he toured the coasts of Africa and North America, attacking and looting Spanish ships. 1889 - Proponents of the republic, joined by landlords after the abolition of slavery, overthrow the second and last Brazilian emperor, Pedro II, and declare Brazil a republic, with President Manuel Deodor. 1899 - During the Boer War, Boer soldier Peter Bot captures Winston Churchill, a war correspondent for the London Morning Post, in Johannesburg. Bota later became the supreme commander of the Boer forces and the prime minister after the war of the established South African Union, and Churchill became the prime minister of Great Britain. 1920 - The first assembly of the League of Nations is held in Geneva. 1923 - Galloping inflation in Germany reaches a peak, one US dollar exchanged for eight billion marks. 1945 - Gabriela Mistral becomes the first Latin American to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. 1971 - A Chinese delegation attends the UN General Assembly for the first time. 1976 - A Syrian army takes full control of Beirut in an attempt to end Lebanon's 18-month civil war. 1978 - An Icelandic DC8 passenger plane carrying Indonesian Muslim pilgrims from Mecca crashes in Sri Lanka. All 175 passengers and eight crew members were killed. 1983 - Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash proclaims the Republic of Northern Cyprus. 1988 - A national council of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, in Algeria, declares Palestine independent in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with Jerusalem as its capital. 1990 - NATO and the Warsaw Pact agree in principle to drastically reduce conventional weapons. The first agreement on the conventional armament of two military alliances after World War II. 1994 - Austrian President Thomas Klestil admits in an address to members of the Israeli parliament that he is his