December 16


January 27, 2022

December 16 (December 16) is the 350th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (351st in leap years). There are 15 more days until the end of the year.


1598 - Admiral Yi San-shin's Korean Navy defeats the Japanese fleet at the Battle of the Norwegian Sea. 1653 - Oliver Cromwell, leader of the English parliamentarians in the Civil War against the monarchists, is proclaimed lifelong protector of England, Scotland and Ireland. 1689 - A law is approved by the Parliament of England. 1773 - Dissatisfied with high import duties and British colonial rule, a group of American colonists, disguised as Indians, throws tea crates into the sea from a British ship in Boston Harbor. This event, later called the "Boston Tea Party", hinted at the American War of Independence, which began in 1775. 1835 - A large fire in New York destroys 600 buildings. 1838 - During the Great Migration, the Buri clashed with the Zulu tribe and killed 3,000 members of the tribe in the Battle of the Bloody River. 1885 - The Serbian literary newspaper "Bosanska vila" begins to be published in Sarajevo 1916 - A group of Russian nobles led by Felix Yusupov assassinate the mystic and adventurer Grigory Rasputin. 1920 - One of the world's worst earthquakes in China's Gansu province kills about 180,000 people. 1934 - The first Belgrade road bridge over the Sava, called "King Alexander's Zemun Bridge", was opened to traffic. It was blown up in April 1941, and a bridge was built on the site of the suspension bridge in 1957, unofficially called Branko's Bridge. 1944 - Germans break through American lines of defense in World War II in the Ardennes and launch a counter-offensive on the Western Front. In the battles that ended in German defeat, the Allies lost 77,000 soldiers and the Germans 130,000. 1949 - Independence leader Ahmed Sukarno is elected Indonesia's first president since gaining independence from the Netherlands. 1960 - Two passenger planes collide in the air due to thick clouds over Staten Island, killing 134 people. 1966 - A United Nations Security Council vote unanimously on economic sanctions against the white minority regime in Rhodesia. 1971 - Pakistani troops surrender to the Indian Army and the East Bengal Liberation Army. This ended the Indo-Pakistani war and preserved the independence of the new state

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