17th century


May 19, 2022

The 17th century began on January 1, 1601 and ended on December 31, 1700.



1601: Battle of Kinsale, the most significant battle in Irish history. 1603: Elizabeth I dies and is succeeded by her cousin King James I Stuart, uniting the Crown of Scotland and England 1603-1623: After modernizing his army, Abbas I expands Persia, occupying territory from the Ottomans and the Portuguese 1607: A London company establishes Jamestown in North America by participating in the British colonization of the Americas. 1608: Quebec City is founded by Samuel de Champlain in New France (now Canada).


1610 - 1643: Reign of Louis XIII in France. 1611: King James Bible completed. 1613: Troubled times in Russia end with the beginning of the Romanov dynasty, which ruled until 1917. 1615: The Mughal Empire grants trading rights to the British East India Company. 1618-1648: The Thirty Years' War ravages Central Europe.


1624-1642: As chief minister, Armand Jean di Plessis de Richelieu centralizes power in France. 1625: A Dutch West India Company establishes New Amsterdam in North America. 1625-1649: Reign of Charles I in England.


1637: Crash of the Dutch Tulip Stock Exchange. 1637: Pecot War, the first of three American-Indian wars 1639-1651: Wars of the Three Kingdoms, Civil Wars in Scotland, Ireland, and England. 1639: Belgrade Peace.


1640: Portugal regains independence from Spain, ending the Iberian Union. 1640: Torture is banned in England. 1641: Tokugawa Shogunate introduces the Sakoku institution - foreigners are expelled and no one is allowed to enter or leave Japan. 1642: Revolution in England. 1642: Dutch explorer Abel Tasman becomes the first European to discover New Zealand. 1643 - 1715: Reign of Louis XIV in France. 1644: Manchus conquer China, ending the Ming Dynasty. The Qing dynasty came to power and ruled until 1912. 1645-1669: Candian War of the Ottoman Empire against the Venetian Republic. 1648: The Peace of Westphalia ends the Thirty Years 'and Eighties' Wars, as well as the period of Spanish and Holy Roman Empire rule in Europe. 1648-1653: Fronda - Civil War in France. 1648-1667: The Delusk wars leave Poland in ruins. 1648-1669: The Ottoman Empire conquers Crete from Venice after Candia