January 17


May 19, 2022

January 17 is the seventeenth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 348 days (349 in leap years) remain in the year after this day.


38. p. n. e. - Octavian Augustus divorced his wife Scribonia and married Livy Druzil, which ended the fragile peace between the Second Triumvirate and the Sextus Pompey. 1377 - Pope Gregory XI restores the papal seat in Rome, ending the Avignon slavery of the Roman popes. 1562 - French Regent Catherine de 'Medici grants the Huguenots a limited tolerance. 1773 - British sailor James Cook is the first to cross the Antarctic Circle on the Resolution. 1781 - A Continental Army under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan defeats British forces under Lieutenant Colonel Banastri Tarlton at the Battle of Kaupens. 1834 - Novine srbske, the first newspaper in the Principality of Serbia, begins to appear. 1852 - The United Kingdom recognizes the independence of the Boer colony of Transvaal. 1912 - The United States takes possession of Wake Island in the Pacific Ocean. 1912 - Captain Robert Falcon Scott reaches the South Pole, one month after Roald Amundsen. 1913 - Remon Poincaré is elected President of France. 1919 - The United States pays Denmark $ 25 million for the Virgin Islands. 1919 - Polish composer Ignacy Jan Paderewski, a world-renowned pianist, becomes the first prime minister of the Republic of Poland, established after the end of the First World War. 1920 - A ban comes into force in the United States, banning the production and sale of alcohol. 1929 - The Sailor Popeye cartoon is shown for the first time. 1945 - Soviet troops and Polish patriotic forces liberate Warsaw in World War II, more than five years after the fall of the Polish capital to German Nazis. 1946 - The first session of the United Nations Security Council is held in London. 1947 - The first Constitution of the People's Republic of Serbia is proclaimed. 1959 - Senegal and French Sudan decide to form a federal state called the Republic of Mali. The decision took effect in April. 1961 - Congolese statesman Patrice Lumumba, former Congolese prime minister, creator of the country's independence, symbol of the fight against colonialism and hero of "black Africa", is assassinated. 1966 - American B-52 bomber strikes Spain over Spain