18th century


May 19, 2022

The 18th century began on January 1, 1701 and ended on December 31, 1800.



1701 - 1714: War of the Spanish Succession. 1701: Prussia becomes a kingdom. 1703: Peter the Great founds St. Petersburg. Until 1918, it became the capital of Russia. 1707: The Kingdom of Great Britain is formed after the merger of the Scottish and English Parliaments.


1711: Ruđer Bošković was born. 1715: After the death of King Louis XIV, France is on the brink of collapse. 1718: The French found New Orleans in North America. 1718: Peace of Požarevac.


1721: Robert Walpole becomes the first Minister of Great Britain (de facto). 1721: Peace of Nistad is signed, Great Northern War ends. 1722 - 1723: Russo-Persian War. 1722: Afghans occupy Iran. 1722: Kanji Chinese ruler dies.


1733 - 1738: War for Polish Heritage. 1739: Peace of Belgrade; Another migration of Serbs.


1740: Frederick II the Great is crowned King of Prussia. 1740: 1748 - War of the Austrian Succession. 1741: Russians inhabit the Aleutian Islands. 1741: Dositej Obradović was born.


1750: The peak of the Little Ice Age. 1755: Lisbon earthquake. 1756 - 1763 - Seven Years' War. 1757: The Battle of Plase marks the beginning of British rule in India.


1760: George III becomes King of Britain. 1762 - 1796: Catherine the Great rules Russia. 1768: Gurkhas occupy Nepal. 1768 - 1774: Russo-Turkish War. 1769: Spanish missionaries establish their first of 21 missions in California. 1769: Birth of Napoleon I Bonaparte


1772 - 1795: Partition of Poland, end of the Polish-Lithuanian Union, and deletion of Poland from the map in 123 years. 1775 - 1783: US Revolutionary War.


1785: Joseph II abolishes serfdom in Hungary. 1785-1795: Northwest Indian War between the United States and Native Americans. 1787: Freed slaves from London establish Freetown. 1787: Born Vuk Karadzic 1788: The first European settlement founded in Australia in Sydney. 1789: George Washington is elected President of the United States. Serves until 1797. 1789-1799: French Revolution


1791: Jewish emancipation in France. 1791 - 1804: Haitian Revolution 1792-1815: The Great French War begins as the French Revolutionary War leading to the Napoleonic Wars. 1793: Upper Canada bans slavery. 1795: With the Peace of Madrid between the United States and Spain, the Mississippi Territory becomes part of the United States. 1796: The British expel the Dutch from Ceylon. 1797: Inv