October 18, 2021

1884 was a simple year.



January 30 - Marko T. Leko became a member of the Serbian Academic Society.


March 21 - Trade unions are legalized in France.


August 3 - The railway bridge in Belgrade on the Sava River was completed, and the Zemun-Belgrade railway was opened to traffic the following month. The bridge was destroyed in both world wars and then rebuilt. August 30 - Wikipedia: Unknown date - Jovan Radanovic's term ends and Stevan Peca Popovic's term as mayor of Novi Sad begins Wikipedia: Unknown date - After four years of construction, the building of the Belgrade railway station was ceremoniously opened, from which the first train started on the newly built Belgrade-Nish railway in the following days.


September 3 - The first passenger train on the Belgrade-Nish line, the first in Serbia, departed from Belgrade. September 15 - The first train passed through Smederevska Palanka


October 13 - London's Greenwich District is established as a universal, zero meridian, from which longitudes and time zones on Earth are calculated.


November 4 - In the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland defeats Republican candidate James Blaine. November 8 - Dimitrije Pavlović is elected Bishop of Niš.

Unknown date

Wikipedia: Date unknown - The Central Society for the Improvement of Dog Breeds has been established in France. Wikipedia: Unknown date - Svante Arenius described in a doctoral dissertation at the University of Uppsala the mechanism of particle movement towards the cathode or anode. Wikipedia: Unknown date - Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac continues his studies in Rome, which he temporarily interrupted a year earlier. Wikipedia: Unknown date - Nikodim Milas publishes one of his most important works Krmčija Savinska. Wikipedia: Unknown date - Tax reform from 1884 in the Kingdom of Serbia.



March 8 - Hermann Wendel, German politician and historian. († 1936.) March 13 - Đuro Basariček, Croatian politician. († 1928)


May 8 - Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States. († 1972)


June 14 - Mihajlo Petrovic, Serbian pilot. († 1913) June 16 - Milutin Uskokovic, Serbian writer. († 1915) June 18 - Eduard Daladier, French politician. († 1970) June 21 - Claude Oak

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