May 19, 2022

1916 was a leap year.



January 6 - The Battle of Mojkovac begins in the First World War, in which the Montenegrins, under the command of Serdar Janko Vukotić, repulsed the offensive of much stronger Austro-Hungarian forces and thus enabled the Serbian army to retreat towards the Adriatic. January 19 - King Nicholas I leaves Montenegro after the Austro-Hungarian invasion. January 25 - The Montenegrin army capitulates in the First World War, which was de facto the end of the Kingdom of Montenegro. January 29 - Germans bomb Paris for the first time in World War I.


February 21 - A German attack begins the Battle of Verdun in France, the longest and bloodiest in World War I.


March 20 - Albert Einstein publishes his general theory of relativity.


April 24 - An anti-British uprising for the independent Republic of Ireland begins in Dublin, quelled by British troops in six days.


May 11 - Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is presented. May 16 - The United Kingdom and France sign the Sykes-Picot Agreement, a secret agreement on the division of the Middle East territories of the Ottoman Empire.


June 4 - At the Lions in the First World War, Brusilov's offensive of Russian General Alexei Brusilov began, which significantly eased the position of the allies on the Western Front and in Italy. June 24 - The Battle of Soma in World War I begins.



August 4 - Bucharest Agreement August 4 - Denmark cedes part of the West Indies, including the Virgin Islands, to the United States for $ 25 million. August 15 - British tank Mark I is used for the first time in the Battle of Soma in the First World War. August 28 - October 9 - Corfu National Assembly 1916


September 30 - Bombing of Sofia, September 30, 1916



November 18 - Commander of the British Expeditionary Corps Douglas Hague marks the end of the first battle of Soma. November 21 - The passenger and ship of the HMHS Britannic Hospital sank in 55 minutes off the island of Kea in Greece, after encountering a mine or torpedoing.


December 14 - Danish citizens vote in a referendum to sell Denmark's West Indies to the United States for $ 25 million. December 16 - Gr