November 30, 2021

1918 was a simple year.



January 8 - US President Woodrow Wilson announces his Fourteen Points to the World after the end of the First World War. January 19 - The Bolsheviks dissolve the Constituent Assembly of Russia in St. Petersburg. January 31 - In Russia, January 31 was the last day of counting time according to the Julian calendar, and the next day the date was marked as February 14 according to the Gregorian calendar.


February 1 - A cannon shot from the cruiser "St. Georg" marks the beginning of a revolt of about 6,000 sailors in the Austro-Hungarian navy in the Bay of Kotor. February 12 - April 14 - Corfu National Assembly 1918 February 15 - The Lithuanian Council signs the Declaration of Independence, declaring the reconstruction of the Lithuanian state.


March 3 - A peace treaty between Soviet Russia and Germany and its allies in the First World War is signed in Brest-Litovsk. March 4 - The first known case of Spanish flu is first reported in Fort Riley, Kansas. March 5 - The Bolsheviks move the Russian capital from St. Petersburg to Moscow. March 21 - Operation Michael begins, the first phase of the last German offensive in the First World War. March 23 - German cannon "Fat Bertha" bombs Paris from a distance of more than 100 km in the First World War.


April 1 - The Royal Air Force is established in the United Kingdom by merging the Royal Air Corps and the Royal Navy Air Force. April 9 - Canadian troops launch an attack on Vimi Hill during the Battle of Aras.



June 10 - Italian torpedo boat sinks Austro-Hungarian battleship St. Stephen in the Adriatic Sea


July 15 - The Second Battle of the Marne in World War I begins with an offensive by the German army under the command of General Erich Ludendorf. July 17 - The Bolsheviks shoot the Romanov royal family in Yekaterinburg.


August 8 - The Battle of Amiens begins, marking the beginning of the Allied Hundred-Day Offensive on the Western Front in World War I.


September 14 - Beginning of the offensive on the Thessaloniki front; the Serbian army makes a breakthrough. September 29 - Thessaloniki armistice


October 19 - The National Council of Slovenes, Hr

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