October 18, 2021

1943 was a simple year.



January 14 - A conference of Allied leaders in World War II, Roosevelt, Churchill and De Gaulle, begins in Casablanca. January 18 - After seven days of fighting during Operation Spark, Soviet troops ease the siege of Leningrad by opening a narrow corridor. January 20 - Operation Weiss begins. January 29 - January 30 - Battle of Renell Island January 30 - The British Air Force begins the first day and night bombing of Berlin in World War II.


February 2 - After six months of fighting near Stalingrad, the Red Army forces the German 6th Army to capitulate. February 16 - Norwegian commandos trained by the British Directorate of Special Operations destroy a factory used by a German nuclear bomb project to produce heavy water. February 16 - Red Army soldiers re-enter Kharkiv. February 18 - Josef Goebbels gives a speech at Sportpalast to motivate the German people to a total war when the situation in World War II began to turn against Germany. February 20 - A fissure opens in a corn field in the Mexican state of Michoacán, from which the volcano Parikutin erupted with a nine-year eruption. February 24 - Withdrawal of Allied forces ends the battle for Kaserin Pass, the first major clash between German and American troops.


March 2 - Australian and US air forces attack and destroy a large convoy of the Japanese navy in the Bismarck Sea. March 14 - The Nazis end the liquidation of the Krakow Ghetto in World War II. March 15 - After the third battle for Kharkov, the Germans take Kharkov from the Soviets after fierce street fighting.


April 19 - An uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto begins in Warsaw when the Nazis enter the Warsaw Ghetto to gather the remaining Jews.


May 12 - The surrender of German General Hans von Arnim in Tunisia ends the fighting in North Africa in World War II. May 15 - The Comintern is dissolved. May 15 - The Battle of Sutjeska begins. May 16 - Nazis quell an uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto. May 17 - RAF bombers bomb dams on the Eder, Mune and Zorpe rivers in Germany.


June 4 - A military coup overthrows President Argentina

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