May 19, 2022

1944 was a leap year.



January 27 - The Saint Sava Congress ended in the village of Ba, which was a kind of response of the Chetnik movement to the Second Session of AVNOJ.


March 19 - German troops occupy Hungary to prevent it from joining the Allies.


April 8 - May 12 - Crimean Offensive April 16 - Allied aviation bombs Belgrade in World War II. April 22 - The First Airborne Squadron of the NOVJ is formed at the Benin Airport near Benghazi in Libya in the Second World War.


May 11 - Allies launch a major offensive against Axis forces on the Gustav Line. May 18 - More than 200,000 Tatars are expelled from Crimea in the Soviet Union on charges of collaborating with the Germans. May 25 - In World War II, the Germans begin an air raid on Drvar, where the Supreme Headquarters of the Yugoslav Partisans was located.


June 4 - Allied troops enter Rome during World War II. June 6 - Allied forces land in Normandy in World War II on the largest landing in history. June 10 - June 14 - Battle of Quarantine June 13 - German forces launch a counterattack on US forces near Carantan. June 13 - German forces stop the British advance in the Battle of Vier-Bocage. June 13 - First German V-1 missiles are fired in southern England in World War II. June 14 - In the Second World War, the Tito-Šubašić Agreement on the relations between the People's Liberation Movement and the Government of Yugoslavia in exile was concluded during the Second World War. June 17 - Iceland becomes an independent republic after its people decide to secede from Denmark in a referendum. June 20 - The defeat of the Japanese fleet ends the naval battle in the Philippine Sea in World War II. June 22 - The Soviet Union launches Operation Bagration against the German Army Group Center.


July 3 - Soviet troops liberate the Belarusian capital, Minsk, during World War II and capture 100,000 German soldiers. July 20 - German Colonel Klaus von Stauffenberg assassinates Adolf Hitler.


August 1 - The Warsaw Uprising begins, partisan units invade Serbia. August 25 - The forces of Free France and the Resistance Movement liberate Paris in the Second World War