May 20, 2022

1948 was a leap year.



January 1 - The Benelux Customs Union is created by uniting Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


February 25 - Forcing Prime Minister Edward Benes to accept the resignations of non-communists in the government, the communists take power in Czechoslovakia.


March 17 - The United Kingdom, France and the Benelux countries sign the Brussels Agreement Establishing the Western European Union. March 19 - US President Harry Truman posthumously awarded General Dragoljub Mihailovic the Legion of Merit of the first degree. March 27 - Stalin and his closest associate Vyacheslav Molotov send an indictment to Josip Broz Tito, which practically breaks off relations between the two parties and the state. March 31 - US Congress adopts Marshall Plan to rebuild post-war Europe.


April 1 - An army under the command of the pro-Soviet government in East Berlin begins a land blockade of West Berlin. April 3 - The Yugoslav Drama Theater in Belgrade was opened with the premiere of Ivan Cankar's play King Betajnova, directed by Bojan Stupica. April 3 - US President Harry Truman signs the Marshall Plan for economic assistance to post-war Europe. April 9 - Jewish militias kill more than 100 Arabs in the village of Deir Yassin in what is now Israel. April 11 - The construction of New Belgrade, a new Belgrade settlement on the left bank of the Sava, has begun. April 13 - The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia sends a letter to Moscow denying all accusations made by Stalin. April 16 - The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is founded in Paris.


May 7 - The Council of Europe is established during a session of the Hague Congress. May 14 - David Ben-Gurion publicly reads the Declaration on the Establishment of the State of Israel.


June 7 - Czechoslovak President Edward Benes resigns, unwilling to sign a new constitution under which the Communists would take power in the country. June 18 - The United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopts the International Declaration of Human Rights. June 21 - Colombia Records produces the first successful vinyl plastic longplay. June 24 - In an attempt to prevent the restoration of the German state in the area held by the Western allies, Soviet troops begin a blockade.