July 5, 2022

1949 was an easy year.




March 2 — An American crew led by Captain James Gallagher lands at Fort Worth Air Force Base, completing the first non-landing circumnavigation of the Earth by a B-50 aircraft. March 8 — French President Vincent Oriol and former Emperor Bao Dai sign the Elysée Clauses, granting Vietnam independence from France and creating the State of Vietnam as a counterweight to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by Viet Minh. March 31 — The former British colony of Newfoundland becomes part of Canada as its 10th province.


April 4 — The ministers of foreign affairs of the USA and 11 Western European countries signed the North Atlantic Treaty on the formation of the NATO pact in Washington. April 23 — Chinese Communist troops capture Nanking.


May 1 — Gerard P. Kuiper discovered Nereida, Neptune's moon. May 5 — The Council of Europe was established by signing the London Agreement. May 11 — Israel admitted to the United Nations as the 59th member. May 12 — The Soviet ten-month blockade of Berlin officially ends, during which the city was supplied from the Federal Republic of Germany by airlift. May 17 — The United Kingdom recognizes the independence of the Republic of Ireland and confirms Northern Ireland's membership of the United Kingdom. May 23 — The Federal Republic of Germany was created, which included the former zones under American, British and French control, established after the Second World War.


June 8 — George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is published. June 29 — South Africa declares apartheid as state doctrine.


July 21 — The US Senate ratified the North Atlantic Treaty.


August 5 — A 6.75-magnitude earthquake in Ecuador kills 6,000 people and destroys 50 settlements. August 8 — Bhutan became an independent country. August 24 — NATO established. August 31 — With the withdrawal of the Democratic Army of Greece to Albania after its defeat on Mount Gramos, the Greek Civil War ended.


October 1 — People's Republic of China officially proclaimed. October 7 — The German Democratic Republic was proclaimed in the area of ​​the Soviet occupation zone with President Wilhelm Peake and Prime Minister Otto Grotewoll. Oct. 9