January 21, 2022

1960 was a leap year.



January 1 - Cameroon gains independence. January 23 - Bathyscaphe Trieste dives to a record depth of 10,916 m in the Challenger area of ​​the Marian Trench. January 24 - A major uprising in Algeria against French colonial rule.


February 13 - France tests its first atomic bomb.


March 21 - At least 79 people are killed and more than 180 wounded in the South African city of Sharpeville when police opened fire on peaceful black demonstrations against the racist regime.


April 1 - The United States launches the first time satellite, TIROS-1 April 2 - France signs an agreement with Madagascar, making Madagascar an independent state after 64 years of French colonial rule. April 4 - The first three female priestesses are ordained in Sweden. April 4 - France and the Federation of Mali (Senegal and Sudan) sign an agreement by which the Federation of Mali gains independence. April 19 - South Korea's first president, Singman Ri, resigns under pressure from student protests across the country over election fraud. April 21 - In Brazil, the state capital (Federal District) is transferred from Rio de Janeiro to Brazil.


May 1 - A US U-2 spy plane is shot down in the Soviet Union. May 9 - The United States becomes the first country to legalize birth control pills. May 10 - The Nautilus nuclear submarine completes its first underwater voyage. May 15 - Sputnik 4 is launched into Earth orbit. May 16 - Theodore Mayman demonstrates the first laser. May 22 - The strongest earthquake ever recorded in Chile, with a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale. May 23 - Israeli secret service agents Mossad capture Adolf Eichmann hiding in Argentina. May 27 - A military coup overthrows the government of Adnan Menderes in Turkey, and the National Unity Committee, headed by General Kemal Girsel, takes power.


June 20 - The short-lived Federation of Mali, made up of the Republic of Sudan (now Mali) and Senegal, gains independence from France. June 26 - British territory of Somalia gains independence from Britain. June 30 - Belgian Congo gains independence from Belgium.


July 1 - Ghana becomes a turnip

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